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travelsearch is a travel comparison site dedicated to bringing you the best prices currently available from airlines, online travel agents and hotels. travelsearch works with many travel partners to help you compare prices with a single search, but is not a travel agent, and does not sell tickets directly. When you enter your search request, you’ll see a list of online travel agents you can select to compare against. You’ll complete your booking with one of these partner sites.
It’s easy to use travelsearch to compare prices of flights. Just enter your dates, your from/to airports and the number of passengers. Once you click "Find Deals", you’ll see which travel partners you can select to compare prices for your particular search, and click "Compare Selected" to see your results. From the results page, select the flight you want to book to complete your booking.


Find out if your booking was successful by contacting the company you booked with directly. Complete this step before attempting to book the same flight again to avoid ending up with two bookings.
You should receive a confirmation email from the airline or travel agent you booked with shortly after you complete your booking. Try checking your junk folder if you don’t get one within a couple of minutes. If you get nothing after 24 hours, contact the airline or travel agent directly to request confirmation. travelsearch is a flight comparison site that does not take bookings, issue tickets, take payments or issue travel details.
Help is on the way! After you found your flights on travelsearch, you completed your booking with one of our travel partners, so you’ll have to get in contact with the provider to change or cancel your reservation. Our travel partners take your data privacy seriously, so travelsearch doesn’t actually have access to your booking or have the ability to make changes or resend confirmation emails. If you've been charged already, you can find out who you booked with by checking the payee name against any pending or completed charges.
Because travelsearch is a search engine, not a seller, we don't have a refund policy -- that's handled solely by the provider that booked your trip. Not sure what company to talk to? Check your credit card statement to locate your provider's information.


When searching for flights on travelsearch, you can select the number of children and infant passengers via the traveler drop-down menu.
If you want to pay for someone else's flight, you can absolutely do that. However, you'll need to make sure that when you enter passenger details, the name you put on the ticket matches the traveler's ID exactly. A misplaced vowel could mean a one-way ticket to the can't-fly-today-zone. Also, be aware that many airlines charge a substantial change fee if any information needs to be edited after the ticket has been booked.
First of all, thank you for your service. However, because we're a search engine, not a booking provider, we do not have the authority to offer discounts on airfare. We recommend you search hundreds of sites at once on travelsearch to find your best option then reach out to the airline directly to book your trip.
Currently travelsearch can search for a maximum of nine passengers at a time. That said, travelsearch can still help you locate the best itineraries for your group. We suggest you find the flight you wish to purchase by completing a search at and then contacting the airline directly to discuss group trips.
Prices shown in search results are typically for flight fares only, plus mandatory fees like airport and fuel taxes. Hold baggage is often an extra cost that’s not shown in the price, so you would need to check the baggage price and allowance on the airline/agents site, and add this on as you go through the booking process.
You can search for a multi-stop trip by using the travelsearch mobile app to search multiple destinations and compare them directly within the app. You can download the free app here. This feature is currently not available on the website.


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